In  2014, Lextran completed a Transit Alternatives Analysis for the (U.S. 27) Nicholasville Rd corridor that included support and participation from the MPO.

Lextran-BusAfter a study of existing conditions, forecasted demographics, future land uses and traffic patterns, it was recommended to pursue a Mixed Traffic Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) connecting Nicholasville with downtown Lexington. This proposed version of Bus Rapid Transit envisions a limited amount of inbound and outbound stops with service running form a terminal park-and-ride location in Nicholasville to the downtown transit center in Lexington. The service would consist of nine new stations along the corridor and the existing transit center. The BRT line would operate with approximately one mile station spacing from 6 AM to 6 PM on a 20 minute weekday headways.

The MPO also works to coordinate city planning, land development and Lextran efforts to better serve the Lexington-Fayette County region. New and infill developments are reviewed for the suitability and opportunities for transit routes and stops. Long-range MPO goals include facilitating more transit-oriented regional centers and transportation corridors as new development and infill occurs.

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