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Change is coming. Status quo is not an option.

  • Population in the area served by the Lexington Area MPO is expected to increase by 40% by 2045 requiring a range of improvements and a reduction of personal auto use.
  • Building our way out of traffic congestion is not a sustainable solution. We must support all modes of travel and reduce vehicular trips.
  • 79% of Lexington Area Residents report driving to work alone as their primary means of commuting.


Good News!


In Lexington 30% of trips are under 2 miles, so change is totally doable!
  • We now have over 100 miles of bike lanes and shared use trails with 218 miles more on the way.
  • Lextran serves 27 bus routes and 928 stops making more than 4 million rides annually.
  • 35% of people in our downtown core walk to work most every day.
  • The number of people who bike to work increased 51% from 2000-2016 according to the League of American Bicyclist.
  • In the near future the Greater Lexington Area will have a network of high quality walkways and bikeways that connects us, fosters economic growth and collaboration.
  • ConnectLex is the bicycle and pedestrian master plan for the Lexington Area MPO. This plan builds on past efforts and creates a new vision for walking and biking in the region. The plan will be used by the MPO and local government to prioritize, fund, and implement high quality infrastructure, high-impact programs, and supportive policies for walking and biking
  • Some worry about the risks of active transport, especially in busy cities, but a study out of the Netherlands has shown that the benefits of increased physical activity far outweigh the potential risks.
  • Shifting the commute from cars to more sustainable transport modes – like public transit, walking or biking – incorporates physical activity which improves health and happiness.

Bottom Line Benefits to Business
  • A healthier, happier, more engaged staff
  • Increased employee retention
  • Fewer sick days
  • Build more camaraderie
  • Enhance workplace culture
  • Attract millennials
  • Reduce stress
  • Increase productivity
  • Reduce parking demand

*regular physical activity can improve employee work performance by up to 54% – US Dept. of Health and Human Resources.

How to Join the Movement


Here’s how:

1) Find your internal “Champion” and ‘Join the Movement’. You’ll be in good company — check out the Movers and Shakers already on board below.

  • Find your Champion, the person with a passion to make things happen in your organization and sign up.
  • We’ll communicate with them directly and provide tools they need to get your group moving.

2) Give your employees the plan – here are your tools

  • Send weekly emails – now through the end of October,  put our poster in your lobby or other visible location, use our handouts and use any other way you find best to spread the word.


3) Offer an Incentive for your employees to participate

  • Give your top performers a free vacation day, preferred parking spot for people who ride-share, pedometers, bike raffle, gift cards, tickets to sports or entertainment event or other perks you may have found successful in the past.

4) Make this an overall initiative with October as the month to focus

  • We’ll measure and reward the best of the best for the month of October, so the more bus, bike and walk movements, the better.

5) Bonus Points

  • Encourage posting walks, bike rides or shared rides to work via social media – just add #LexAreaMPO to every post on a bus or bike. We’ll track and note.
  • Incentives – small ones or big ones – award the most motivated – weekly winners – the more the better.
  • Send email reminders often and acknowledge co-workers participating. The more communication the better.
  • Remind staff to track and mark calendars for reporting after the October challenge.
  • Get the boss involved in a group walk or ride. And post on social media @LexAreaMPO.
  • Encourage your customers to participate.
  • Let us bring a Rally on bus options, bike routes to the office, bike gear options and what’s coming in the future.

6) Submit your results form by Nov 5th.

Click here to submit the detail of your company’s active commuting.


Look Who’s Joined the Movement

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City of Lexington

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EOP Architects

Fayette Co. Health Dept.

Forcht Bank

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Good Foods Co-Op

Gray Construction

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Hilliard Lyons / Baird

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LM Communications

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