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Champion’s Communication (additional samples will be added weekly)

 icon-envelope Now – Sept 20

-Decide what incentives you will offer
-Announce the program to your team in any regular meetings you have.
-Send an introductory email. Example below. Attach “Two darn good reasons to walk/bike” (link located below example email).

Copy/Past and edit to make your own.

Our company has pledged to get behind a citywide initiative encouraging active commuting.  “Lexington on the Move” is conducted by our Lexington Area Metro Planning Organization in an effort to increase awareness of the importance of multi-modes of transportation as our population increases.

The movement challenges the staff of forward-thinking businesses like ours, to find healthier, greener ways to get to work during the month of October.
The most active participants reap the rewards, better health and improved mood are proven benefits.  Our company is adding a little extra incentive with a prize drawing from all of you who participate.

Insert incentives here.  Or   Prize details to follow, etc.
Plus a prize for the person who tracks the most alternative commutes.
2 extra vacation days.  Tickets to UK game.  $500. 

Please commit to try at least one new way to work in October –  walk, bike, hop a bus, buddy up and ride with a co-worker.  Remember to mark it on your calendar (I will call for periodic results and give updates).

So will you pledge?
If so simply reply to this email with “I PLEDGE!” and you’ll hear more from me as the October start date approaches.


ATTACHMENT – Two darn good reasons to walk/bike (Download and attach to your email).


Here is our calendar and topic list of future updates — you can modify as need of course. We will send an updated example via email and update here as these dates approach.


 icon-envelope Sept 21-30 – Time to Get Moving

-Announce on social media
-Remind your team of next week’s event in any regular meetings you have.
-Send an email and attachment like the below:

Copy/Paste and Edit as needed!


Next week we are going to “Join The Movement” by participating in the city-wide initiative to encourage Lexington’s workforce to start commuting more in cleaner, greener, healthier ways.  Many of you have already “Pledged” to participate and we thank you for your initiative! As a reminder, we are going to offer [VACATION DAY / TICKETS / PERK] for the person who logs the most alternative commutes to our office. Of course participating is a win for anyone who gets involved because changing from solo car commutes saves money, helps congestion and is a great step towards better health.

The great news is that Lexington is ahead of many cities our size in building out good infrastructure and we trend very strongly in bike and walk participation already, so you are in good company.

You can get more info at LexAreaMPO.org/Join-The-Movement. If you haven’t made the move yet, and you want to participate, just reply back “I PLEDGE!”



ATTACHMENT (Download and attach to your email).



 icon-envelope Oct 1 – 4 – We’re Moving

Announce that you are under way – Cost benefits


 icon-envelope Oct 7 – 11 – Look Who’s Moving

Examples of participants –  Call to share on social media


 icon-envelope Oct 14 – 18 – Movement is going strong

Best stories of Movement success – Incentive Update


 icon-envelope Oct 21 – 25 – We’re changing minds

Best stories of Movement success – Incentive Update – Change happening around the city


 icon-envelope Oct 28 – 31 – Final Week – Finish strong

Halloween fun.


 icon-envelope Early November – Victory Lap!

Congratulate participants, show overall city campaign success.