Street, Pedestrian and Bike Projects

Alumni Drive Improvements

Widening of Alumni Drive from Tates Creek Road to University Drive including turn lanes, a new roundabout, sidewalks and bikes lanes to improve traffic flow and access to new dorms, sports facilities and the Arboretum.

Chevy Chase Intersection Improvements

 Addition of pedestrian crossings, bike lanes and diagonal parking along the west side of Tates Creek and last block of Euclid Avenue.

Clays Mill Road Improvements

Multiple projects to improve safety, traffic flow and pedestrian and bicycle access to many neighborhoods, schools, churches and businesses along Clays Mill. Includes turn lanes, curbs/gutters, sidewalks and bike lanes.

North Broadway Railroad Underpass

Widening of the underpass to improve drainage and traffic flow and provide safe pedestrian and bicycle access. Planned for 2018.

Rose Street Bike Lane Extension

Scheduled to begin in Summer 2015, this project will extend the bike lane on Rose Street from Rose Lane to Euclid Avenue to address a major pinch point and gap in the bike lane network.

Southland Drive Bike Lanes & Sidewalks

A private-public partnership between LFUCG and the Southland Drive Business Association. Bike lanes will be installed from Nicholasville Road to Rosemont Garden and pedestrian safety will be improved by installing sidewalks under the railroad underpass. Construction is 70% complete.

US 27 Access Management Project

This project will Improve safety and traffic flow by enhancing intersections, consolidating access points, and other safety issues in accordance with the US 27 Access Management Plan.

US 68/KY 29 (Wilmore “Y”) Intersection Improvements

Design is underway to improve intersection approaches, sight distance and to extend and accommodate the US 68 shared use trail.

West Loudon Ave Sidewalks

Design is underway to complete sidewalk gaps along this heavily traveled pedestrian corridor from Newtown Pike to Russell Cave Road including connections to the Hope Center, Legacy Trail and North Lexington YMCA.

Woodland Ave Bike Lanes

Bike lanes will be installed by LFUCG and the University of Kentucky when the current sanitary sewer project is complete. The bike lanes will connect the busy Euclid Ave bike lanes to the W.T. Young Library, Kirwan/Blanding dorms and beyond to University Drive.

Bicycle Signage, Striping and Markings Projects

Various projects to install bike lanes, shared lane markings (sharrows) and signage to raise awareness of the presence of bicyclists on roadways, to encourage safe passing behaviors and proper positioning of bicyclists within the roadway (away from parked cars, in center of narrow lane, etc). Bike lanes are striped to improve connectivity and where roadway width allows. Sharrows may be placed where road width is limited, connectivity is needed and bicycle traffic is present. “Share the Road” signs are placed along rural roads to alert motorists that they may encounter bicyclists on popular rural cycling routes. New sharrows and sidewalks can be found along Tates Creek/Landsdowne DR.

New/Widened Roads

Brannon Road Widening & Extension

Design is underway on Brannon Road from Harrodsburg Road to Nicholasville Road to improve safety for motorists, bicyclists and pedestrians. Currently also extending east Brannon Road to complete connection from Brannon Crossing to Tates Creek Road.

Citation Boulevard Extension

Construction has started to extend the 4-lane Citation Boulevard (including sidewalks and bike lanes) to accommodate cross-town travel from Georgetown Road to Alexandria Dr/Leestown Road. To be completed this year.

Georgetown Road Widening

Widening of Georgetown Road to improve traffic flow and safety from Iron Works Pike to Etter Lane. The project continues north into Scott County.

I-75 Connector

A preliminary design and environmental study are underway for a new roadway connecting Jessamine and Madison County. The study is reviewing possible roadway alignment alternatives, environmental impacts and funding options. Visit www.I-75 for more information.

Leestown Road Widening

Widening of Leestown Road to improve traffic flow and safety and provide sidewalks and bike lanes from Masterson Station Park to Greendale Road. To be completed later this year.

Liberty/Todds Road Widening

Widening of Libery/Todds Road from Forest Hill Drive (Andover Forest area) to Polo Club Drive (Gleneagles area). The roadway will be widened to 4 lanes and will include bike lanes and sidewalks.

New Circle Road Widening & Interchange Improvements

Several projects are underway to improve travel on New Circle Road. Additional travel lanes are under design from Versailles Road to Boardwalk Avenue with construction to begin this year. Major interchange improvements are planned for Newtown Pike, Versailles Road and Leestown Road to upgrade entrance/exit ramps and improve traffic flow.

Newtown Pike Widening

Design to widen Newtown Pike from New Circle Road to I-75 is substantially complete with plans to begin phased construction from Marriott/Griffin Gate to I-75 in 2016. The project includes bicycle & pedestrian facilities.

Oliver Lewis Way (Newtown Pike) Extension

Redevelopment efforts for South End Park continue as a first step to further extend Oliver Lewis Way from Versailles Road to South Limestone Street. Design is underway for these sections and includes a 4 lane boulevard with bike lanes and sidewalks. The next priority for construction is Versailles Road to South Broadway.

Polo Club Boulevard Extension

Polo Club Boulevard will be extended from Deer Haven Lane to Todds Road to complete this cross-town connection from Winchester Road to Todds Road. Bike lanes will also be installed from Man O War Blvd to Todds Road.

Trail Projects

Arboretum Trail

Short trail segment through the western edge of the Arboretum woods to connect the Bellefonte Bike Route to the bike lanes on University Drive, which provides a continuous cycling route from south Lexington neighborhoods to the University of Kentucky. The project is funded by UK and will begin in Summer 2015.

Brighton East Rail Trail (Phase 4)

This ½ mile trail will connect the Brighton Place Shoppes on Man O Way Boulevard to the existing trail along Liberty Road that leads to Liberty Park, Liberty Elementary and the West Wind and Shetlands neighborhoods.

Coolavin Rail Trail & Hope Center Trail

Two extensions of the Legacy Trail beginning at the North Lexington YMCA on Loudon Ave, extending through Coolavin Park to Fourth Street and the Jefferson Street restaurants and shops. Design phase is 80% complete with construction set to begin this year.

Gainesway Trail

This trail will follow the northeast side of Armstrong Mill from Appian Way to River Park Drive. It also follows a greenway from Armstrong Mill Road, across Center Parkway into Gainesway Park and to the Tates Creek School complex. The project is currently under design.

Isaac Murphy Memorial Art Garden

Located at the intersection of Third Street and Midland Avenue, the Isaac Murphy Memorial Art Garden will serve as a trailhead for the Legacy Trail. The Garden honors the most successful jockey of all times, Isaac Murphy, and the contributions of African Americans in the horse racing industry. The park sits on the site of Isaac Murphy’s former home and connects via the Legacy Trail to the KY Horse Park.

Legacy Trail Phase 3

The project will extend the Legacy Trail 2 miles from the North Lexington YMCA to the trailhead at the Isaac Murphy Memorial Art Garden at 3rd Street and Midland Ave. Public meetings regarding the trail alignment will take place this year.

Legacy Trail Enhancements

Amenities along the Legacy Trail and at several trailheads including restrooms, educational signage and public art. Some installations are already underway and will continue through the end of the year.

Town Branch Trail (Phases 3, 4, 5 & 6)

The Town Branch Trail will be extended from the existing trail at Alexandria Drive into downtown Lexington, following the Town Branch Creek. Several trail segments are in different phases of design, development and property acquisition. Significant funding has been secured for trail development with the next phase planned for construction from Alexandria to Bizzell Drive this year.

Recently Completed Projects

Brighton East Rail Trail

A second mile of the Brighton Rail Trail was completed in 2014. The trail extends from Pleasant Ridge Park, under I-75 to Deer Haven Lane connecting shopping centers in the Hamburg area to the Gleneagles/Autumn Ridge neighborhoods and provides bicycle access to popular cycling routes in rural Fayette County.

Cooper Drive Bike Lanes

UK and LFUCG recently partnered to change traffic patterns on Cooper Drive and install bike lanes from South Limestone to Sports Center Drive. Pedestrian crossings were also improved and a new mid-block crossing placed near Sports Center Drive and Bluegrass Community Technical College. Enhanced green paint markings were also used at Cooper Drive to better delineate the bike lanes through the intersection.

Tates Creek Sidewalks

Over one mile of sidewalks were installed on each side of Tates Creek Road from Montclair Dr to Dove Run Road, better connecting neighborhoods to the Lansdowne Shoppes, University of Kentucky and various churches along the corridor. The project also included major pedestrian crossing improvements at intersections.