The greater Lexington Area is working to improve walking and biking, connecting people to where they live, work, play and learn. The Lexington Area MPO Bicycle and Pedestrian Master Plan will outline strategies that aim to improve safety, mobility, health, and economic growth in our region.


The Lexington Area Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO), in conjunction with the Lexington-Fayette Urban County Government (LFUCG) and the Jessamine County Fiscal Court, have hired Alta Planning + Design, a national bicycle and planning firm, to prepare an update of the Lexington Area MPO Bicycle and Pedestrian Master Plan.

The plan will include a robust public engagement process, a thorough evaluation of the existing walking and biking environment, a prioritization process, and new tools for implementation. The plan will be comprehensive in nature, addressing sidewalk, bikeway, and trail infrastructure, program, and policy needs.

Get Involved!

This planning process depends on your input. Help the Lexington Area prioritize strategic, equitable investment in sidewalks, bikeways, and trails. Stay connected for ways to engage and participate in the development of the Lexington Area MPO Bicycle and Pedestrian Master Plan.

  • Check the project website for news, meeting announcements, and project updates.
  • Take our user survey!
  • Draw your current routes, barriers, and key destinations.
  • Attend public meetings to meet with the project team and provide comments. In person meetings, as well as digital, on-line conversations, will be hosted throughout the project.
  • Spread the word so that we can reach as many residents as possible!

Project Goals

  • Transform the two counties’ visions and goals for walking and biking by identifying a list of capital projects that are prioritized by engaging the community through public outreach.
  • Identify priority corridors among existing and proposed bikeways, sidewalks, greenway, and park trails that connect surrounding suburban areas to local neighborhood centers, concentrated areas of goods, services, education, jobs, parks, and other community destinations.
  • Conduct a policy audit to facilitate and promote a safe, low stress and directly connected bikeway and sidewalk network resulting in increases in bicycling and walking for all ages and abilities.
  • Develop a thorough maintenance plan with targeted goals for levels of equipment and staff necessary to ensure that the bikeway, sidewalk, and trail networks are properly maintained and safe for public use.
  • Outline strategies for education, encouragement and enforcement activities to create a more walkable and bikable community.
  • Identify opportunities to integrate biking, walking and transit in order to have the greatest opportunity to spur economic development, revitalization and create walkable and transit-oriented urban environments.


In 2007, the Lexington Area MPO developed the first Bicycle and Pedestrian Master Plan for the two county urbanized area. The plan compiled a thorough evaluation of the road networks in Fayette and Jessamine County and provided a ranked list of bikeway and sidewalk projects. Over the last ten years, bikeway and pedestrian facility mileage has increased by 166%; however, there remain many gaps in the current network. Additionally, best practices in the planning and design of bicycle and pedestrian facilities has evolved since 2007, necessitating a fresh look at a plan to move forward.


Check out the 2007 Bike & Pedestrian Master Plan Page.