The Transportation Policy Committee (TPC) is LAMPO’s decision-making board. The TPC decides how funds are spent and guides action related to transportation in our area. A mix of elected and appointed members make up the TPC. Members represent different government and transportation agencies across the Lexington area. The TPC relies on community input, data, and best practice recommendations from LAMPO staff to make its decisions. Meetings follow Robert’s Rules of Order and are open to the public.

Citizens interested in congestion management activities are welcome to attend these meetings and present their questions, suggestions and ideas.

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The Transportation Technical Coordinating Committee (TTCC) is an advisory group that offers consistent practical advice to the TPC. TTCC is important because it brings together different transportation professionals and stakeholders. Its members review current planning and policy efforts. After sharing and reviewing information, they decide what formal recommendations to make to the TPC. They might recommend that the TPC adopt a new policy, amend a plan or budget, or approve a specific project.

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Today’s Bicycle and Pedestrian Advisory Committee (BPAC) was first set up in 1999. BPAC gathers monthly to coordinate efforts and share progress. It is a mix of community members and professionals, all of whom advocate for more walking and biking in the Lexington area. All meetings are open to the public, and anyone interested is welcome to attend. Over the years, BPAC has helped things like shared-use paths and sidewalks become regular additions to projects around the area. BPAC’s collaborative efforts have helped increase funding opportunities too. While progress has been made, BPAC continues working hard to make biking and walking safer and more available across our community.

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Congestion is a dynamic thing that has real impacts on our community: physical, social, and economic. The way we design our streets, sidewalks, and neighborhoods directly impacts how much and where we have congestion in our community. The US government recognizes this so it requires MPOs like us – serving a population greater than 200,000 – to put in place and track methods of managing congestion.

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The Transportation Policy Committee

TPC members represent:

  • Lexington-Fayette Urban County Government (LFUCG)
  • Jessamine County
  • City of Nicholasville
  • City of Wilmore
  • LFUCG Council Districts
  • LFUCG Council-At-Large
  • Lextran
  • KYTC Secretary of Transportation
  • Federal Highway Administration (non-voting)
  • Federal Transit Authority (non-voting)

TPC responsibilities include:

  • Adopt official goals for transportation in our area, like those in the Metropolitan Transportation Plan
  • Approve how local transportation projects use funding, especially from the federal government
  • Adopt transportation-related policies

Transportation Technical Coordinating Committee

The TTCC has two subcommittees: Congestion Management & Air Quality Committee and the Bicycle and Pedestrian Advisory Committee. Congestion, air quality, bikeability, and walkability are all issues of special importance to our community. These two subcommittees provide a space and process for tackling these issues.

TTCC members represent:

LFUCG Divisions of Planning, Engineering, and Traffic Engineering
Jessamine County Government
City of Nicholasville
City of Wilmore
University of Kentucky Parking & Transportation
Bluegrass Area Development District (BGADD)
Federated Transportation Services of the Bluegrass (FTSB)
Bluegrass Community Action Partnership (Bluegrass Ultra Transit)
Kentucky Transportation Cabinet (KYTC)
Bluegrass Airport
Railroad companies
Federal Highway Administration
Maintenance, operations, and public safety agencies

Bicycle and Pedestrian Advisory Committee

Working with LAMPO staff and our partners, BPAC members:

1. Encourage more biking and walking
2. Advocate for design and development standards to achieve Complete Streets
3. Spread information and raise awareness about safety in our streets

Some recent progress towards improved biking and walking for our community include:

1. Recognition for participation in the FHWA’s Mayor’s Challenge for Safer People
and Safer Streets,
2. Participation in Smart Growth America’s Safe Streets Academy,
3. Completing 120 miles of bicycle infrastructure,
4. Achieving Bronze Level status as a Bicycle Friendly Community
5. Pledging to the Ten Minute Walk campaign (an initiative of the Urban Land Institute, National Recreation and Parks Association, and Trust for Public Land)

BPAC includes:

University of Kentucky
Friends of Town Branch
LFUCG Engineering
LFUCG Traffic Engineering
LFUCG Environmental Quality and Public Works
KYTC Central Office Planning
KYTC D7 Planning
KYTC Central Office Bicycle and Pedestrian Coordinator
Bluegrass Area Development District
Jessamine County
City of Wilmore Planning and Zoning
Local Bike Shops
Council Members
Local Design and Engineering Consulting Firms

Congestion Management & Air Quality Committee

Our Congestion Management & Air Quality (CMAQ) Committee helps us stay on top of these requirements. CMAQ is an advisory group of transportation professionals, engineers, and planners. CMAQ helps LAMPO take a systematic and regionally-accepted approach to managing our area’s congestion. On a regular basis we identify, put in place, track, and report on our progress. With support from CMAQ, we:

  • Define desired outcomes
  • Collect data and track how well the system works
  • Identify the local network of congested streets
  • Define how bad and how long periods of congestion are
  • Determine causes of congestion
  • Identify congestion management strategies
  • Put strategies into play: set a schedule and find funding for each strategy
  • Check the effectiveness of implemented strategies
  • Establish standards for improving multimodal transportation as a way to decrease congestion