MPO’s with populations greater than 200,000 are required by federal law to have a Congestion Management Process (CMP) to monitor congestion, travel reliability and the effectiveness of congestion reduction efforts. The CMP also informs the development of the short and long-range transportation plans for the area.

 Read the Congestion Management Process Overview

icon-user The MPO’s Congestion Management Committee (CMC) includes transportation professionals from governmental agencies, interested citizens, and private consulting companies.  The CMC meets on the 2nd Wednesday of even-numbered months at 10:00 am, in the 7th floor conference room in the LFUCG Phoenix Building, 101 East Vine Street in Downtown Lexington.

Citizens interested in congestion management activities are welcome to attend these meetings and present their questions, suggestions and ideas.

The MPO and CMC work closely with our local, state and federal partners for congestion relief solutions in our MPO area. The webpages for the LFUCG, KYTC and FHWA congestion management processes are linked below:

LFUCG Traffic and Transportation:

KYTC Congestion Management:

FHWA Congestion Management: