Working directly with the public and key stakeholders is essential to the success of the Lexington Area MPO. We love to hear from you on how to better Lexington’s transportation network and infrastructure. If you have any questions regarding the MPO and what we do, feel free to call us at:

  (859) 258-3160

 The MPO Staff


Max Conyers
MPO Director & Transportation Planning Manager
 (859) 258-3167

Scott Thompson
Bicycle & Pedestrian Planning
 (859) 258-3173

Joseph David
Transit Planning / Mapping / GIS
 (859) 258-3178

Kenzie Gleason
Mobility / Outreach / Title VI & ADA / Grants (TAP & CMAQ)
Metropolitan Transportation Plan / Transportation Improvement Program
 (859) 258-3605

Jimmy Emmons
Traffic Impact Studies / Travel Demand Modeling / Freight
 (859) 258-3168

Sam Hu
Congestion Management / Air Quality
 (859) 258-3063

Brenda Whittington
 (859) 258-3162

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