What is the Participation Plan?

The Participation Plan (PP) guides how LAMPO connects with the people that live, work and travel in our community. We use the Participation Plan to find out what transportation issues are most important to the community and what ideas people think best address those issues. It identifies how we at the MPO will engage and inform people in a meaningful way. Especially when we develop plans, projects, and policies.

Why update the plan?

We update our Participation Plan every five years. It’s an important guide for us so it needs to be relevant. Sometimes the MPO needs to communicate information or share updates. Other times, we look to you to tell us what we should focus on as we plan to make transportation better. It’s a two-way street! Our participation process helps it flow more smoothly.

Here are some steps you can take now to be a part of our everyday transportation planning process:

To find out more details about our participation process, you can view the DRAFT Participation Plan here. To help us improve, please fill out the survey below.

Sharing your input as we update the Participation Plan helps us make sure we connect with you in the best ways about transportation issues in our community.