Looking ahead to improve transportation!

The MTP 2050 is the latest version of our long-term plan for improving transportation in the Lexington area. It includes a list of projects and strategies for making transportation work well for everyone. Where did this list come from? We gathered input from the community, stakeholders, transportation providers, and local elected officials. This input helped us determine what are the most important issues to address, and how.

You can view a draft of the MTP 2050 here. You can also check out different parts of the plan, and view project maps by category. Take a chance to explore, and let us know what you think. You can email us, write us at 101 E Vine Street, comment on social media, or join us at one of six public listening sessions!

What is our vision for 2050? Here’s a quick introduction. We know most people want more ways to walk and bike, better connections around town, and safer streets. Your input, responsible funding, and other local initiatives help us get there! Find out more here.

To learn what the public wants for the future of transportation we: conducted a digital survey, attended local community events, held in-person listening sessions, and more. The MTP 2050 reflects everything we heard. Did we get it right? Let us know what you think! Find out more here.

So how will we get there? The MTP 2050 has 6 different goals to guide transportation improvements over the next 25 years. It also describes objectives and strategies to help us achieve each goal. We want to know what you think! Find out more here.

The MTP 2050 recommends many projects, strategies, and more that will help make transportation work better for everyone in our region. From construction projects to research and analysis, each proposed improvement is a step towards meeting the 6 goals. Did we get it right? Find out more here.