We’re looking ahead to improve transportation in our area!

The Metropolitan Transportation Plan (MTP) looks 25 years into the future. It’s a guiding document that describes transportation improvements for our area. The MTP is part of how we work to improve mobility, safety, and access for everyone – however they choose to move around our community. It has big-picture goals along with strategies to achieve them. MPO staff review and refresh the MTP every five years. This keeps the long-term plan updated and relevant.

What’s in the MTP?

The Federal government requires MPO’s like us to have a plan in place for meeting regional transportation needs. We update the MTP every five years. Because the MTP is about long-term improvements, it is important to include trends and issues we expect over the coming years. Some examples include:
  • Walkable/bikeable streets
  • Alternative fuels
  • Electric vehicles
  • Multi-use trails
  • Intersection design
  • Autonomous vehicles
  • …and more!

Transportation improvements covered in the MTP can include things like:

  1. Land use and corridor plans 
  2. Trails studies
  3. Construction projects
  4. Policy changes
  • cyclist in bike lane on roadway

Planning today to guide improvements to Lexington area transportation in the future!

Why is this important?

Transportation impacts so many things in our community:

  • How people get to work
  • Mental and physical health
  • Air quality and climate change
  • Community connection
  • …and more!

Traffic and safety data, employment and population rates, and on-the-ground research are all tools we use to create the document. But public input – your input – is especially important for deciding what the priorities are for improving transportation in our area. Transportation serves everyone in our community. Help guide the future of transportation – send us an email letting us know what you think!