What is the Lexington Area Metropolitan Planning Organization?

A transportation policy-making body consisting of representatives from local, state and federal governments, transit agencies, transportation providers and other local stakeholders. Federal law requires all urban areas with populations greater than 50,000 to designate an MPO to conduct transportation planning activities. Federal funding for transportation projects and programs are prioritized and channeled through this planning process.

What does the MPO do?

MPOs work to ensure that transportation projects and programs are based on local priorities and mutually agreed upon goals.  MPOs use a comprehensive, cooperative, and continuing planning process to accomplish this including:

  • Consideration of all possible strategies;
  • An evaluation process with diverse viewpoints;
  • Participation from relevant transportation-related agencies and organizations;
  • Meaningful public involvement;
  • Developing long-range and short-range capital and operational plans and strategies for moving people and goods;
  • Estimating the impact of improvements to the environment

The MPO is responsible for five major transportation planning programs and plans:

2045 Metropolitan Transportation Plan

The Metropolitan Transportation Plan outlines regional transportation goals, strategies, projects and programs intended for future transportation funding over the next 20+ years.

Who is the MPO?

The MPO functions under a committee structure that includes a decision-making Transportation Policy Committee (TPC), several technical committees and technical staff. Professional planners make up the core of the MPO staff. Staff conducts research and analyzes current transportation trends including congestion, air quality, regional travel patterns, population and employment growth, safety issues, and rates of bicycling, walking and transit ridership to help inform decision-makers on transportation matters.

The Lexington Area MPO’s Prospectus outlines the organization and structure of the MPO.  The MPO Planning Agreement details the responsibilities, cooperation and coordination between the Lexington Area MPO and federal, state and local agencies.