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STEP 1: Communicating with Your Co-workers
  • Stake your claim as Company Champion and encourage co-workers to “join the movement” by taking more active ways to work in October.  (All we ask is that they try – one bike or walk, bus or shared ride is better than none!).
  • Make sure there is some incentive, event tickets for weekly winners, gift certificates or cash prize for those who track the most active commutes.  Reward the most motivated or do a drawing from all those who participate.
  • Share the WKYT news clip or a quick 30 second video ad provided.
  • Send the positive effects of active commuting on the mind (“Two darn good reasons to walk/bike” see below).
  • Involve management in the movement. Ask them to communicate to the workforce to step it up in October – bike, walk, buddy up and ride with a co-worker or hop a bus.
  • Communicate often in late September and October – share weekly progress – weekly winners – share social posts with your workforce.
  • Send email reminders on tagging posts and encouraging co-workers.   @LexAreaMPO
  • Reward often and announce winners.

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Ideas & Incentives
Be one of Lexington’s most active businesses.  
Get creative.  Reward success. 
Ideas to kick your company into high gear:
  • Schedule an October Bike to Work Day with the CEO.
  • Reward the most motivated.
  • Give Weekly prizes to the most active and announce them to staff – share on social media.
  • Announce a Walk with the Boss Day.
  • Walk to lunch with co-workers and brainstorm more ideas.
  • Commit to gear back up during May Bike Month (and make sure you let us know).
  • Do a prize drawing from all those who sign the pledge.
  • Reward the most active employee on social media – the one who posts the most walks, bike rides etc.
  • Give weekly prizes for the most active.
  • Give a grand prize to the employee who documents the most active commutes in October.
REMEMBER POST POST POST – the more you post and tag us the more we know how active you are.  @LexAreaMPO 


Reserve a Rally

MPO staff will help you pump up co-workers at a lunch and learn.
We’ll map out the best bike routes to your workplace, Lextran will share the real-time bus tracker app myStop, and how to bike and bus (limited lunch-and-learns are available please contact Kenzie Gleason 859.258-3605 at MPO to find out).


How To Share

Sharing the Pledge and the Movement on Social Media (Facebook, Twitter, & Instagram)

One of the very best ways to show your support and your participation is to share your active commute on social media. Be sure to tag all your posts  @LexAreaMPO. Here’s a few ideas!


Handouts, Posters & Video

Poster PDFs:
Posters-OnARollStats (3-pages)

“Lex on the Move” in 30 Seconds

In the news on WKYT
Art & Logos

FREE TO USE – Click to download what you need.

Submit Your Results

Click here to submit the detail of your company’s active commuting. Due by November 5th!



Bike Maps & Trails



Lextran Routes and Info


Vanpool through Rideshare


Walk Score Logo

Great info for walkers and bikers at WalkScore