Lexington has many miles of trails which offer a great way to lead a healthier and more active lifestyle. Whether you enjoy hiking, walking, running or biking, these trails allow individuals the opportunity to rejuvenate and maintain ones mind and body all while having fun. Take a trip to one of our nature parks and enjoy bird-watching, star gazing or hiking with your family. Visit one of the trails located in your neighborhood and walk your dog, in-line skate with your children or ride a bike. We encourage you to get out and enjoy the beauty of your local parks and trail system.

There are several types of walking and biking trails:

Shared Use Trails

are paved and designed for activities such as running and walking as well as higher speed activities like bicycling and skating. They are 10 to 12 feet wide.

Walking Trails

are paved and are at least 8 feet wide. For everyone’s safety, bicycling and skating at greater than a fast walking speed is not allowed on walking trails.


are narrower than 8 feet and may include sidewalks, gravel paths and grass paths.

Hiking Trails

are generally single person width, natural surface and for pedestrians only. Hiking trails may range from easy (level grades and shorter distances) to difficult (steep grades and/or longer distances).


are shared-lane markings placed in the center of a travel lane to indicate that a cyclist may use the full lane. Shared-lane markings are used to:

  • Assist cyclists with lateral positioning in a shared lane with on-street parallel parking in order to reduce the chance of a bicyclist impacting the open door of a parked vehicle;
  • Assist cyclists with lateral positioning in lanes that are too narrow for a motor vehicle and a bicycle to travel side by side within the same traffic lane;
  • Alert motorists of the lateral location bicyclists are likely to occupy within the traveled way;
  • Encourage safe passing of bicyclists by motorists; and
  • Reduce the incidence of wrong-way bicycling.
  • For a more in depth look at sharrows and how Lexington is making the streets safer for bicyclists, CLICK HERE!

It is recommended that you select walking, biking, and hiking trails appropriate for your level of physical ability. For more information and maps on walking, biking, and hiking Lexington, visit!

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